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Mine Planning & Surveying
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Recognition from Chhattisgarh govt to conduct DnPS Survey
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Would you like to be a part of an organization that is devoted to excellence in quality and
uncompromising integrity in its service? If yes, read on. In our fervor to realize our vision,
we are looking for talented, experienced professionals who have a taste for excellence and who  never want to stop learning. As a multi disciplinary scientific organization, Overseas Min-Tech  Consultants (OMTC) gives its people an experience in a variety of scientific fields. We
encourage our people to constantly improve their knowledge and skills and to this end we conduct  ongoing training programs in various ways.

Overseas Min-Tech Consultants (OMTC) is an equal opportunity employer and provides excellent working environment with competitive salaries commensurate with experience and education.

E-mail: arun.omtc@gmail.com , Website: www.overseasmintech.com


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