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Mine Planning & Surveying
  Environment Management Plan
Survey of Highways
Risk Assessment & Accident Analysis
Expert Users of CAE
Areas of expertise
Recognition from Chhattisgarh govt to conduct DnPS Survey
Environment Impact Assessment
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Areas of expertise

  • Identification of area for M.L/ P.L and putting the M.L/P.L application.

  • Mine Exploration.

  • Preparation of Pre-Feasibility/ Feasibility Reports for mineral deposits.

  • Reserve and resource estimation, assessment of life of mine, Geological Modeling by using CAE
    Data-mine software.

  • Preparation of Mine Plan, Scheme of Mining, Progressive Mine Closure Plan, Final Mine
    Closure Plan

  • Consultancy on use of different types of latest explosives for different type of deposits/minerals,
    drill patterns as well as safety equipments required during blasting.

  • Engineering design to prepare long term working Plan of a mine.

  • Preparation of EIA/ EMP and getting Environment Clearance from MoEF/SEIAA.

  • Environmental Monitoring and suggesting measures for Environmental protection.

  • Environmental and Safety Audit measures for mine environment & safety with their updating.

  • Providing Forestry Clearance.

  • Procedural requirements for acquisition of private land for PL/ ML.

  • Performance testing of emissions/pollution control equipments.

  • Analysis of Surface Hydrological data pertaining to flow fluctuation, estimation of flows at 10,

  • 50 and 90 percentile levels, Computation of ground water, recharge flow rate & direction,
    plotting of ground water contours, preparation of water budgets and water danger plan etc.

  • Supervisory consultancy services during above operations.

  • Highways & Railways, Building & Large Construction projects environments clearance.

  • Socio economic studies & social impact assessment studies.

  • Field survey by DGPS.

  • Remote sensing & GIS studies.


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